The test of time is the ultimate challenge for this world. Nothing lasts forever, but it doesn't mean it has to be one-time use either. How many of you had or you still have clothes made of sustainable materials? How many of you are constantly wearing clothes made of sustainable materials? We are not talking here about a spring-winter collection, a brand, but your own collection of clothes gathered over time bought in different exotic places or in that new store. Quality clothes, clothes closer to nature. Come on, open your wardrobe and show your friend the cotton dress bought four years ago, naturally dyed and made in a three woman tailor shop, from a forgotten corner of the world. Certainly, the cultural impact of the dress will be strong and the craftsmanship of the hands will be appreciated immediately. The dress looks impeccable, it brought joy during creation, because of the way it was contoured with each seam. Didn't bring you, the buyer, the same happiness when you first wore it?